Adinkra Collection: the color behind our designs

Adinkra Collection: the color behind our designs

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Beyond selecting the Adinkra symbols as the focal point of the first Talia and Nasyacollection, we wanted to continue the story of African excellence and experiences.  Our next stop on the journey leads us to Ghana. The vibrancy of the red, gold, black and green of the Ghanaian flag are the running thread across our designs. Having connected deeply to the Ghanaian culture while living there for 5 years, our founder Kate wanted to highlight the cultural home of the Adinkra symbols.

The Ghana National Flag was designed by Mrs. T. S. Okoh, a Ghanaian, to replace the flag of the United Kingdom upon the attainment of independence in 1957. These colors tie into the pan-African flag, as well. 

Red represents the blood of those who struggled during the fight for independence;

Gold represents the wealth of the natural resources throughout the country;

Green symbolizes the rich forests across the country;

And finally, the black star in the center stands for African freedom. 

As Talia and Nasya is a luxury fashion company celebrating Africa, we are tying the story of the African people to our story as a brand, serving fierce looks while giving our customers the whole picture.