Welcome to the world of Talia and Nasya; a world where we see a better future for the African continent, one defined by the luxury and antiquity of our arts, culture, music, and fashion. We are a brand that strives to create a luxurious and immersive fashion experience that celebrates diversity, respects cultural traditions, and communicates the depth of soul of African cultural heritage. Our clothes will inspire you to reflect on the beauty of the continent and its rich history. So join our community as we retell the African story to enlighten the world around us.

Drawing inspiration from each of the 54 countries, we will explore and communicate the vastness of African culture through fashion. As we continue to write our story, we invite you to join us in building a community of passionate individuals, celebrating the richness of the African continent.

 Disrupt the Global Narrative of Africa


Talia and Nasya’s journey began as a way for our visionary founder, Kate Tisdell, to connect her daughters to the richness of African heritage and culture. As a first generation American originally born in Liberia, Kate has long appreciated using fashion to freely express oneself. In creating a tangible way for her young daughters to connect with their cultural heritage, fashion provided a multi-faceted canvas on which to paint.