Purchase With A Purpose

Talia and Nasya consists of two elements: 1) celebrating and connecting through the rich cultural traditions of the continent; and 2) effecting change in a concrete, immediate way. Intentionality is guiding us on every step of our brand journey. Making an early commitment to give back will hold us accountable in our goals of lifting up the community. Therefore, with each purchase a percentage will be donated to two organizations working hard to impact their community and change lives. As is said, a rising tide lifts all boats.

At Talia and Nasya we believe in educating locally while finding ways to impact our global village. What better way to do this than to partner with an institution close to our hearts. St. Louise International School is located in Monrovia, Liberia a small country on the coast of West Africa. The institution was established in 2015 by Ms. Louise Sanoe a community leader, activist and mother of Kate Tisdell, the visionary of Talia and Nasya. Over the years, Kate has supported the work of St. Louise, but thanks to the purchases of our customers we will be able to give much more to a community truly in need.

The Hope of Widows Association Jomoro Municipal, is a nonprofit organization located in the western region of Ghana, Half Assini. It was founded by Mrs. Margaret Blay Kenya who lost her husband in 2017. She founded the organization to establish a support system amongst widows like herself.